Hygrozyme® Horticultural Enzyme Formula

A Simple Mode of Action With Complex Benefits For Your Plants.
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#1 Hydroponic-Friendly Enzyme Cleaner On The Market!

Hygrozyme is not a fertilizer or nutrient; it is a non-gmo enzyme cleaner for growing media that eliminates dead root matter and provides a cleaner and healthier root zone for your plants. It uses four carefully chosen core enzymes: cellulose, xylanase, hemicellulose and beta-glucananse to provide the power in its potion. Working synergistically, these beneficial enzymes provide all the ingredients needed to quickly and thoroughly break down decaying plant matter. The resultant clean root zone prevents diseases such as root rot by improving drainage and aeration in the growing media. A cleaner root zone will also give your young roots more space to grow exuberantly and more efficient access to nutrients to truly thrive. Can be used in all stages of the growing cycle and in all kinds of growing media. Compatible with all nutrient and supplement programs.

Suggested Uses: Use indoors or outdoors, in hydroponics and soil, to accelerate the breakdown of dead root matter and provide a cleaner root zone.


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