Humboldt Nutrients Natural 2-Part Box Starter Kit

This Beneficial Microbe & Nutrient Kit Has What You Need For Bounteous Plants And Beautiful Blooms.
  • Humboldt Nutrients Natural 2-Part Box Starter Kit
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Humboldt Nutrients Natural 2-Part Box Starter Kit has all the core products you will need as your plants move through their growing and flowering cycles. No ingredients are imported from overseas for these products; they are created with fresh ingredients that are found domestically. Together, these 5 products will facilitate the growth of beneficial bacteria and fungi as well as provide essential nutrients for your plants. Each kit contains the following:

  • Grow Natural (3-1-3) 16 oz:
    • Ultra-concentrated formula gives your plants the nutrients they need during growing and blooming.
    • Made from a blend of ocean fish, seaweed extract, Quillaja saponaria, bentonite, Yucca extract and cane molasses.
    • Stimulates the plant to produce gorgeous flowers, heady aromas and fuller flavors.
  • Bloom Natural (0-10-0) 16 oz:
    • Contains the boost of calcium and phosphorus that plants crave during the flowering period.
    • Made from Soft Rock Phosphate and kelp.
    • Creates an enthusiastic flowering response that can lead to multiple flowering sites and huge yields.
  • Humboldt Honey ES (0.45-0.25-1.8) 16 oz:
    • Natural sweetener made from a premium blend of cane molasses, kelp, yucca and ocean fish.
    • Increases Brix levels (a high level signals that you plant is thriving) as it provides sugar to beneficial microorganisms in the soil and to your plants.
    • Maintains healthy microbial life in the root zone by providing sugars that may otherwise have been diverted by the plant for its flowering.
  • Equilibrium (1-1-2) 16 oz:
    • An easy 2-in-1 calcium/magnesium supplement.
    • Provides the correct Ca to Mg ratio at every point in the plant's life.
    • Can be used on all crops, indoors or outdoors.
  • Myco Madness (Sample – approx. 1 oz.) :
    • 2 Trichoderma species, 9 mycorrhizal species and 15 beneficial bacteria in one soluble powder.
    • Contains Mycorrhizal Fungi that colonize and extend the root systems, which increases the absorptive surface area of the roots and improves a plants water and nutrient uptake.
    • Bolsters the crucial link between organic material, plant roots and fertilizers.


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