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Finally! A Cute Composter!
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A Stacking Worm Bin for Indoor or Outdoor Use

The Hot Frog Living Composter is a cleverly designed, hardworking composter that will turn your kitchen bits and pieces into nutrient-rich worm castings in a few short weeks. The design elements of this composter have been carefully considered and include:

  • Water Retention Channels - These channels run around the outside of each tray and hold moisture in to keep bedding from drying out along the edges.
  • Angled Tunnels - Each tray contains 40 angled tunnels that extend from the base of each tray directly into the bedding of the tray below. This makes it easy for your worms to move between trays.
  • Molded Aeration Points - An array of support points are molded right into the lower edge of the trays. These points raise the trays just a bit to allow airflow all across the bedding. Efficient aeration is important for high quality compost.
  • Double Wall Insulation - Both the lid and base have double walls for insulation and interior temperature control.
  • Bottom Spigot - An easy-to-access spigot on the bottom for quick, no-mess draining.
All of the above design components come together to make a durable indoor worm bin that takes scraps to castings in an efficient and timely manner with little to no odor. It is made of BPA-free, UV-inhibited recycled polyethylene that will keep its looks and not degrade if left outside in direct sunlight. But, with its maple stained and urethane sealed hardwood legs and curvy compact shape, it is cute enough to bring inside and add as a part of your kitchen décor.

Suggested Uses: Use for vermicomposting indoors.

Dimensions: 15" x 15" x 22"

Order just the Hot Frog Living Composter and get your own worms, or let us send some worms your way with your Hot Frog. You can add 1, 000 or 2,000 worms to your order and have all you need to get started on your vermiculture journey.


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