Holographic Scare Tape

Protect Your Trees and Fruit From Thieving Birds With This Flashy Tape!
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If birds are enjoying too much of what you grow, this reflective holographic tape provides an effective and humane solution. The snap and shine of the Holographic Scare Tape will frighten and deter even the most persistent of bird visitors. For optimum results, make sure that tape is installed shortly before crops ripen and feeding begins. Tape should be hung just above the fruiting area of the plants and towards the outside of the foliage so that they can move freely in the wind. It is the irregular light that deters birds and other animals. Remove tape when harvest is over. This keeps the birds from getting used to the tape and losing their fear of it. This ¾" x 100' roll of tape is proudly made in the USA.

For a wider reflective surface, see our Nite Guard Holographic Tape.

Birdscare Flash Tape is an alternative to Holographic Scare Tape that may be more effective depending on the anticipated use or coverage area needed.


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