ARBICO Organics™ Holistic Fly Defense

A safe & effective insect repellent for horses, livestock, and pets.
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Made with Natural Ingredients - 100% Biodegradable - Environmentally Friendly

ARBICO Organics Holistic Fly Defense is an effective, essential oil based insect repellent spray for horses, livestock and pets. Long lasting and non-staining, this blend of concentrated botanical oils repels most nuisance livestock pest insects. It leaves no oily residue and may be used on animals inside the barn, in stall areas or outdoors.

Application Rates:

  • Standard Dilution – Mix 1 part Holistic Fly Defense with 5 parts water.
  • High Dilution Rate – Mix 1 part Holistic Fly Defense with 4 parts water.

This Product Controls These Pests or Diseases:
This product works as a cultural control for the following: Flies (mult), Gnats, Mosquitoes (Culiseta longiareolate)


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