Pigs: Keeping a Small-Scale Herd for Pleasure and Profit

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  • Pigs: Keeping a Small-Scale Herd for Pleasure and Profit
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Arie McFarlen's Pigs is especially timely, as many farmers are returning to small-scale production as an alternative to industrial pork production. The two methods are so different that the strategies and resources that are useful for industrial production rarely work well for a small herd. McFarlen has filled the gap for small-scale producers so that they can make wise choices in management systems, housing, and breed choices.

Pigs is a comprehensive guide written for both the novice and seasoned farmers. With helpful tips, full-color photos, and a comprehensive glossary, this book offers everything a small-scale farmer needs to succeed. Put together on glossy, flexible and thick paper stock, Pigs will easily survive repeated reading or referencing.

Pigs are intelligent and hardy, as well as easy to care for. This book is loaded with illustrations and charts, as well as handy tips. One of the things every farmer has to do is handle young pigs. It explains several methods, with photos, of handling them, and then warns: “Pigs can scream LOUDLY. The scream of a jet engine taking off measures 113 decibels. The scream of a frightened pig can measure 115 decibels….A set of earplugs will be of great value….”

Pigs enables the reader to:

• Choose the ideal breed for your goals.
• Construct shelter and fencing.
• Keep pigs healthy with a nutritious diet.
• Spot symptoms of common pig diseases.
• Breed Pigs and raise healthy piglets.
• Produce homegrown pork for home and market.
• Explore pig resources and Web sites.

Also included in Pigs are a handy index, a glossary of terms and a brief summary of swine diseases.

ISBN-13: 978-193395818-7
Format: Paperback, 184pp


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