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Ducks: Tending a Small-Scale Herd for Pleasure and Profit

Part of the Hobby Farms Series
  • Ducks: Tending a Small-Scale Herd for Pleasure and Profit
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Ducks by the author Cherie Langlois is written in a humorous and easy-to-read fashion. A flock can be a lively addition to any farm. Besides eggs and meat, they offer weeding, fertilization, pest control (slugs, grubs, mosquito larvae, to name a few delicious snacks) and duck down for soft pillows. Cherie Langlois offers essential information on duck personality, choosing the right ducks, housing, dietary needs, breeding, duckling care, flock health, harvesting your duck eggs, endangered duck breeds and duck diseases. Advice from experienced duck farmers is included in each chapter. Included at the end of the book is a well-researched duck resource directory and a nice glossary of duck jargon. Did you know that each egg has an air cell containing oxygen for the developing embryo, and a bloom, a protective coating that keeps out pathogens? That's why eggs are hollow at one end, and that slimy layer is on the egg white of boiled eggs!

This is a must-read for all those drawn to ducks for their color, personality, and the valuable products they provide. Put together on glossy, flexible and thick paper stock, Ducks will easily survive repeated reading or referencing.

ISBN-13: 978-193395816-3
Format: Paperback, 160pp


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