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This prolific plant has great heat and disease resistance and produces large quantities of deep green, stringless pods throughout a long season. A perfect Romano bean, this pole bean will yield flat-sided pods (with white seeds) of about 9 inches in length. These energetic plants can grow 6-8 feet tall, so you will need to give them a trellis or bean tower to grow on. This bean holds its intensely delicious flavor whether it's cooked or frozen.

  • Soil Temp. for Germination: … …65-85°F
  • Days to Germination: …………8-16
  • Days to Maturity: ………… …60
  • Difficulty: ………… …Easy

Use Instructions:

Sowing Indoors – Not recommended.

Sowing Outdoors –
  • Direct sow in warm soils (+60°F) for uniform, rapid emergence.
  • Do not soak seed prior to sowing.
  • Beans are a favorite of birds, so discourage them with flash tape or row crop covers.
  • Coat seeds with inoculant to promote healthy, vigorous plants.
Growing Tips:
Most pole beans are grown on trellises. To trellis pole beans, stretch 2 wires between 2 stout posts (1 wire at 10 inches high, the other 6-8 feet high). Using rough string, zigzag between wires creating V shaped trellising.

Fertilization Tips:
Apply 1 cup of organic fertilizer per 10 row feet to provide the nutrition necessary for optimum production. Excess nitrogen causes poor pod set and delayed maturity.

Disease Prevention Tips:
Beans are subject to numerous diseases. Careful watering that avoids wetting the foliage, along with complete removal of dead plants at the end of the season, will help avoid problems.

Seed Specs: Min. germ. standard: 80%. Usual seed life: 2-3 years.

Certifications: USDA Certified Organic and Demeter Biodynamic Certified

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