Harvest Guard™ Protective Cover

Harvest Guard™ Plant Protection Bags and Protective Covers are lightweight and effective for use with shrubs, plants and crops.
  • 10' x 12' Cover
    SKU: 1269514
  • $12.00
  • 10' X 15' Cover
    SKU: 1269507
  • $12.50
  • 40" x 50' Cover
    SKU: 1269509
  • $12.50
  • 5' x 25' Cover
    SKU: 1269510
  • $12.50
  • 10' x 20' Cover
    SKU: 1269516
  • $17.00
  • 5' x 50' Cover
    SKU: 1269512
  • $19.00
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Harvest Guard Protective Covers are a convenient and easy way to protect smaller gardens from cold temperatures in the fall and winter. The Protective Covers, sometimes called "garden blankets", protect foliage and fruit from insect and bird damage in the spring and summer. These lightweight covers are excellent for seed starting and increase germination rates by trapping heat and moisture. The 1.6 oz. reemay fabric makes the Protective Covers effective in any plant hardiness zone.

These covers are extremely helpful when planting seedlings in difficult areas such as hillsides and slopes. Protective Covers diffuse sunlight, reduce ambient temperatures, maintain humidity levels and limit adult pest encroachment. The combination of these benefits reduces plant stressors, allows normal plant development to occur and helps limit inputs from the grower.

The Harvest Guard Plant Protection Bag provides similar protection from weather and keeps pests off plants by wrapping the canopy loosely. The easy-to-use drawstring provides adjustable closure for a custom fit and helps keep the cover closed in brisk winds. It is ideal for use on shrubs and small trees.


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