Harvest Gold Organics Premium Soil Conditioner

Make A Solid Gold Investment In Your Plants' Future.
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This soil conditioner is not only high quality and multi-purpose, it may very well be the ultimate soil conditioner. HGO Premium Soil Conditioner is chock full of beneficial Silica (straight from the mine) and 9 other essential nutrients. This combination will build your soil for stronger plants, optimal plant growth and more vibrant harvests. It works in a four step process to provide lasting benefits.

Benefits of HGO Premium Soil Conditioner:

  • Healthier plants: stronger plants are healthier plants and are better able to fight off stress, molds and other pathogens.
  • Easy To Use – just add to your soil when planting and/or add to water for routine watering and foliar feeding.
  • Long-Lasting – One application is all that is needed to support a plant throughout its entire life cycle.
  • Reduces Water Use – Well-conditioned soil is able to retain water better, meaning less water is needed.
  • Slow-Release – Quick boost of feeding followed by continual nutrient release: you will see results after your first watering, but nutrients will also remain in the soil and continue to be available for the plant.
Supplementing with this silica and micronutrient soil amendment can improve the health of most indoor and outdoor plants. It is derived from mineral-rich vein deposits that have been fractured and hydro-cleaned making its unique composition of macro- and micronutrients bioavailable from the very first watering. It is USDA certified for organic use on flowers, vegetables, trees and shrubs.

Suggested Uses: Use as a plant growth supplement on any type of plant grown indoors or outdoors. Can be used in any type of climate, at any time in a growing cycle and in any season.

1 Ton Super Sacks are available for purchase. Please call us for pricing and a freight shipping quote.


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