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Hairy Vetch & Winter Rye Seed Mix

Organically grown cover crop mix containing hairy vetch and winter rye seeds.
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This cover crop mix contains 2 different seed varieties that work in concert to produce an abundance of green manure, weed suppression, and nitrogen fixation. The rye protects the hairy vetch from frost and supports the sprawling growth of the vetch. Once the plants have flowered, mow down and till into the soil. Wait 3- 4 weeks before replanting.

The hairy vetch and winter rye combination are highly recommended for fields that will not be planted in spring.

Seed Mix (by weight):

  • 78% Rye
  • 22% Hairy Vetch

Rate of application:

  • 90 lbs per acre
  • 2 lbs per 1,000 sq ft


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