Soil Mender® Texas Greensand

Natural Iron Supplement for Plants & Shrubs
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This Natural Source of Iron Corrects Yellowing Leaves Due to Chlorosis. Texas Greensand is a premium iron supplement for plants and shrubs. It is an iron-rich sand mined from old marine deposits. Because it is unprocessed, it provides a slow release of calcium, magnesium, iron, manganese and molybdenum.

Texas Greensand has three effects:
  • Corrects yellowing of leaves due to chlorosis.
  • Helps release minerals into the soil providing easier access for plants.
  • Helps clay soil hold water.

  • This occurs because Greensand is a natural water softener and it frees minerals like calcium and magnesium as it comes into contact with water. By this action is makes the minerals more available to the plants.

    Application Rate:

    Lawns- Use 3 lbs per 100 sq ft. Apply evenly when grass is dry. Water in thoroughly.
    Soil Conditioning - 4 lbs per 100 sq ft.
    Roses & Shrubbery – Use 2 lbs per 100 sq ft.
    Flowers & Vegetables - Use 1 lb per 100 sq ft.
    Citrus & Trees - Spread under tree canopy at the rate of 1 lb per 100 sq ft. Work into soil and water thoroughly.


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