Green Aminos, 0.5-0-2

Give Your Plants A Boost Anytime In Their Life Cycle.
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Green Aminos delivers premium quality amino acids, carbohydrates and proteins to your plants in five different ways: as a foliar feed, in rooting, by watering in, in hydroponics or as a compost tea. The powerful biostimulant qualities of these ingredients will boost amino acid and protein production and give you plants that are better able to assimilate nutrition, which means healthier and more robust growth from seed on out. Although this product can be applied at any point in the life cycle of a plant, it is especially effective in the early stages.

Suggested Use: Use to add amino acids, proteins and carbohydrates to your plants as cuttings or seedlings, in hydroponics, as a foliar spray or watered in. Can also be used to make a compost tea. Doing so will stimulate robust plant growth and improve overall plant health.


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