Hudson Green Garde 1 Gallon Sprayer

Model 20141 1 gallon pump sprayer made of recycled polyethylene.
  • Hudson Green Garde 1 Gallon Sprayer
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The Green Garde® 1 gallon compression sprayer has several features not found in other sprayers. The Green Garde sprayer has a chemical measuring cup included, so pouring into its large funnel top is easy. The tank is a translucent polyethylene, treated to resist sun and ozone damage. Inside, it has a supply tube filter to keep out debris. The pump has a "D" handle, which is ergonomically better for the pushing and pulling motion to pressurize the sprayer.

The Green Garde® has a locking lever-action shut-off, a curved wand for easier spot application, and a brass cone nozzle that adjusts from a mist to a stream. Also included is an Organic Spray Guide, outlining generally when you should apply fertilizers, weed killers, or natural insecticides.

Hudson has ensured that the Green Garde® pump sprayer ships with as small a footprint as possible - the sprayer is partially assembled to reduce the size of the box and the shipping container is made of recycled material and printed with soy ink.
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