Root Guard™ Gopher Baskets

Stop gophers from destroying your plants and bulbs!
  • Wire Mini Basket -6 pack
    SKU: 1257200
  • $6.72
  • Wire Basket - 1 gal. (pack of 2)
    SKU: 1257201
  • $7.50
  • Wire Basket - 3 gal.
    SKU: 1257202
  • $7.00
  • Wire Basket - 5 gal.
    SKU: 1257203
  • $9.00
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Stop gophers from damaging roots of plants with this uniquely devised basket shaped barrier.

Root Guard Gopher Baskets are designed with hexagonal openings that are smaller than regular chicken wire.

  • The Mini Baskets are a ½" mesh
  • The larger baskets are of ¾" mesh
. This smaller size mesh will allow for root growth while inhibiting gophers from making meals out of the most important parts of your plant, like fleshy roots and the plant crown. When selecting the proper size for your plants, choose a basket that is one size larger than the plants' root ball to allow for plant growth.

To deter gophers from chewing through the basket, these baskets are made from 20 gauge wire, stronger then the wire used in typical aviary mesh wire. The final component that makes these baskets a great option is that they are galvanized after weaving to help eliminate rust to make sure they last for years. These baskets are easily re-folded for storage and can be reused. In addition, they make transplanting easy!

Basket Dimensions:

  • Mini Basket is 4" diameter
  • 1 Gallon is 8" diameter 
  • 3 Gallon is 10" diameter
  • 5 Gallon is 12"diameter

This Product Controls These Pests or Diseases: This product works as an underground mechanical control for Gophers & Moles.


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