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Glass Yellow Jacket & Wasp Trap with Lure

Stop Wishing Those Wasps Away Using Our Beautiful Chemical-Free Wasp Trap! Perfect for Picnics and Outdoor Events!
  • Glass Yellow Jacket & Wasp Trap with Lure
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Many people consider yellow jackets and wasps dangerous nuisances in their yards and gardens. However, they are actually very beneficial as efficient predators for plant-eating insects, such as caterpillars, and nuisance insects like spiders and flies. For this reason, we recommend only trapping yellow jackets and wasps when human or pet health is at risk.

This brightly colored glass trap is easy-to-use and highly efficient without resorting to chemicals or sprays. Simply put fruit juice (non-citrus works best) and a couple of drops of dish soap into the jar, add the lure mixture, replace the top and you're good to go. You can place the trap on any stable surface or use the attached hangar to hang it from a tree limb. Since this trap will bring the insects to it, do not place near where people or pets are going to gather; we recommend placing it at least 10 ft. away from such areas. Placing it near an active nest that is where people are spending time is also not recommended, as the insects will not detour to the trap on their way back and forth to home.

Once the trap is full of insects, it can be emptied and cleaned by hand with soap and water. Do not put trap in a dishwasher. The lure solution is effective for 10-14 days and a new lure should be used after every cleaning.

This Product Controls These Pests or Diseases: For use to control Yellow Jackets and Wasps (Vespula spp.).


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