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ARBICO Organics™ Garden Planner

Small, Portable Chart Has a Movable Insert That Shows Proper Indoor and Outdoor Planting Time for 21 Common Garden Vegetables, One Side for Spring and One Side for Fall.
  • ARBICO Organics™ Garden Planner
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Target:  This Garden Planner is a handy, easy-to-use planning tool for any gardener. 

This small chart has a movable insert that shows proper indoor and outdoor planting time for 21 common garden vegetables, all relative to either spring or fall killing frost dates. The frost dates are on a red line, which you can adjust to the specific dates for your area.

When adjusted properly for the spring frost date, you can see when to seed indoors, plant outdoors and when you could expect to harvest.   When you flip the planner over, you have the fall, and setting for the expected first fall frost, you can see when to start seed indoors, plant outdoors and when to expect the harvest.

If you pull the chart out all the way, there is a guide for how many seed or plants per 10 ft. row, the planting depth, distance between rows or hills, and distance between plants after thinning. This chart has it all!

The included instruction page is easy to read and understand, and on the back there is a list of frost dates for major cities in the United States and Canada.

Note: Frost dates before February 8th and later than December 13th are outside the range of the slide.

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