BioCare® Glass Insect Trap

An elegant solution for pesky fruit flies in home.
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The BioCare® Glass Insect Trap is an elegant solution for pesky fruit flies in your home.

Made from beautiful colored glass, the BioCare Glass Insect Trap is designed for beauty as well as functionality. Standing at about 5 inches tall, this trap looks lovely sitting on a table or suspended from its colorfully beaded hanger. Placement of the trap is important as insects will be attracted to the jar. You won't want to put it too close to where you are eating or gathering.

The secret to the effectiveness of the BioCare Glass Insect Trap lies in its unique conical design. The inside bottom is shaped like a mini volcano, with the top of the volcano being the entry point to the trap. When added, the bait will surround the "volcano" like a moat. As pest insects are drawn to the scented bait, the small legs on the trap give the insects just enough room to crawl under and up into the trap. Once inside, insects fall into the liquid and drown.

BioCare Glass Insect Traps come without bait, so choose a suitable bait/lure option that fits your needs. You can use it with BioCare Fruit Fly Lures (SKU 1280905), BioCare Yellow Jacket Lures (SKU 1260403), and Fly Lures (SKU 1280605), or you can create your own bait:

  • For a simple to mix, do-it-yourself bait, add ¼ cup fruit juice, a dime-sized portion of fish, meat or cat food (protein source) and 2 drops of dish soap. Add solution to trap once mixed and place trap in desired location
  • For use with BioCare Fruit Fly Lures, add ¼ cup warm water, 2 drops of dish soap and the lure.
Rinse (the glass allows for easy clean-up with soap and water) and rebait the trap when it becomes full of insects or every 2-3 weeks. This trap works best in warmer weather.

Placement Tips & Helpful Hints: For fruit flies, place trap 2 feet from where fruit flies are present and active. Allow 48 hours for the bait to reach peak attraction. Move trap every 3-4 days for best results.

Remove any breeding habitats like old fruit/vegetables, wine, recycling, etc. Consistent sanitation will significantly reduce fruit fly populations along with other common pests.

This Product Controls These Pests or Diseases: Fruit Flies (Drosophila melanogaster), Yellow Jackets with Yellow Jacket Lure


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