First Response Bed Bug Monitor & Trap

Detect & Trap Bed Bugs Easily - Portable and Great for Travelers
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Use this affordable monitoring device to catch the first signs of bed bugs or confirm that other treatments have worked effectively!

Bed bugs are night biting insects that are tough to get rid of once they have infested a room or building. Use these monitoring traps anywhere you are concerned about the presence of bed bugs.

The First Response Bed Bug Monitors are portable, easy-to-use monitoring device for bed bugs in the house or on the road. They use heat, carbon dioxide, and a pheromone lure to attract and trap bed bugs. The traps are best used as overnight monitors and are designed to detect the presence of all stages of bed bugs. There is no need for electricity as the heat is produced by a small hand warmer included in the package.

Each package contains 2 complete monitoring traps. This product is designed as a monitoring trap and should not be relied upon to control bed bug infestations. Click Here for more information on controlling bed bugs.


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