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PVO Soil-Building Seed Mix

An organically grown seed-building mix containing field peas, hairy vetch, and oats.
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This cover crop mix contains 3 different seed varieties that work in concert to improve your soil by providing ground cover, weed suppression, biomass and nitrogen fixation. Plant this combination of seeds in early spring for growth through late summer in cooler climates. Plant in early fall and grow through the winter in warmer areas.

Oats germinate first and act as a trellis for the peas. The vetch grows until frost and provides winter cover. The vetch and field peas are legumes and work as nitrogen fixers in your soil. By the end of the growing season you can expect a 4" mat of vegetation that can be mowed or disked. Trials indicate that this seed mix creates up to 8,000 pounds of biomass per acre.

Make-up of the seed mix:

  • 71% Field Peas
  • 15% Oats
  • 14% Hairy Vetch

Rate of application:

  • 212 lbs per acre
  • 5 lbs per 1,000 sq ft

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