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Natural Animal® Insect Shoo Repellent

Repel fleas and ticks and a variety of other biting pests with this essential oil blend especially for your pet
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Natural Animal's Insect Shooo Repellent contains natural herbal oils that repel fleas, mosquitoes, gnats and flies. Insect Shooo blends easily with water to make a spray or it can be applied directly to your pet with a cotton ball.

Insect Shooo - Active Ingredients

Citronella Oil
Cedarwood Oil
Orange Oil

Directions (without the flea collar)

  • Dab a small amount on a cotton ball and apply to hind quarter, abdomen, neck and each paw
  • Mix one teaspoon with four ounces of water in a spray bottle. Shake well and lightly spray on fur.

Insect Shoo can also be applied to the Rechargeable Herbal Collars for Dogs or Cats

Use at a rate of one drop every other day for the first week and one to two drops twice weekly thereafter.


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