Espree® Aloe Herbal Horse Wipes

Perfect For On-The-Trail Touch-Ups.
  • Espree® Aloe Herbal Horse Wipes
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Stop Irritating & Painful Biting Caused By Flies, Gnats & Midges With These Botanical Oil Wipes!

These repellent wipes are the perfect solution and a great tool for quick and easy fly protection for your horse. Keep some in your grooming kit and use before heading out or stick it in your saddlebags for as-needed applications. This blend of botanical oils (Citronella, Cedarwood and Peppermint) is gentle on the skin yet super-effective in repelling flies, gnats and other flying, biting insects. One swipe = hours of protection.

Suggested Uses: For topical use on horses to protect them from flies, gnats and other biting insects.


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