Economical Liquid Hose End Sprayer

This Simple Sprayer Does All That You Need It To.
  • Economical Liquid Hose End Sprayer
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This hose-end sprayer is the perfect choice for no-fuss, inexpensive yet effective spraying.

  • Will accurately mix and spray in three simple steps: fill, attach and spray.
  • With only 3 settings to choose from (ON, OFF & Water Only), there's no complicated spray settings or conversions to figure out.
  • Capable of spraying 1-30 gallons (4-76 liters).
  • Use for watering, applying fertilizers, pest and weed controls and/or cleaning solutions.
  • Can be used with most brands of liquid concentrates used by homeowners and professionals.
  • Great for nematode applications.
Suggested Uses: Use as a sprayer attached to a hose to dispense most brands of herbicides, insecticides and fertilizers.

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