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DTE™ Vegetable Garden 4-4-4, 5 lbs

OMRI Listed & CDFA Registered Organic Input Material. Give Your Vegetable Garden A Powerful Nutrient Boost!
  • DTE™ Vegetable Garden 4-4-4, 5 lbs
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Down To Earth Vegetable Garden is an OMRI listed all-purpose fertilizer that provides dynamic and balanced nutrition to give your vegetables and herbs the ideal start to healthy plants with increased production. The NPK (Nitrogen (N), Phosphorus (P) and Potassium (K)) in this mix is in equal proportions to harmonize perfectly. The Nitrogen is crucial for abundant, green and healthy leaf growth. The Phosphorus stimulates flower and fruit production, creating more vivid blooms and plumper, more plentiful fruit. Potassium (or Potash) sets the groundwork for a healthy garden by helping to form stronger, better plants; it promotes vital cell growth and resistance to plant stressors. The NPK is not the only star in this mix, however. The Calcium provided will help keep tomatoes, eggplants, and peppers from developing Blossom End Rot. Additionally, this fertilizer has a 6:1 Calcium to Magnesium ratio that is beneficial to most any plant.

Vegetable Garden 4-4-4 comes in a 100% recycled paperboard box that has been printed with vegetable-based inks. When empty, this box can be shredded and added to your compost pile.

Suggested Use: For planting and transplanting in vegetable, herb and container gardens. Also works well when planting and transplanting trees and shrubs.


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