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Culti Cave Mini Greenhouse™

Extend your growing season with ease using the Culti Cave Mini Greenhouse
  • Culti Cave Mini Greenhouse™
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Culti Cave™ is a quick and easy to assemble greenhouse that can be used almost anywhere. Try it on patios, in side yards, on decks to get an early start on plants for the garden. The Culti Cave™ is expandable – units can be linked to create an expanded growing area. Perfect for expanding your vegetable growing season, the Culti Cave™ can be used free standing, anchored to the ground or wall mounted (hardware is included).

When opened, the Culti Cave™ is 6.5' wide, 2.5' deep, and 5.5' high. Rolled up for off-season storage the Culti Cave™ measures 21"X 8" x 4". Other features include:

  • Made from High-quality UV plastic that will hold up in sunlight.
  • Sewn-in mesh roundsheet that keeps garden pests out while allowing for easy drainage.
  • Zippered door panels on both long sides for easy access and ventilation.
  • Tie down cord, ground anchors, and optional wall-mount hardware are included.
  • Cleans easily for a disease free growing space.

The Culti Cave™ is designed to fit 3 UrBin Growers™ or the containers of your choice. It has enough room for plants that are 5.5 feet tall.


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