Medium Red Clover

Trifolium pratense

USDA NOP Approved. Organically Grown, Perennial Legume Cover Crop that Behaves Like a Biennial.
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Medium Red Clover, Trifolium pratenseis an early flowering clover that can produce up to three crops per year. We recommend cutting once in the summer and plowing under – or it can become a weedy plant. This clover can withstand more shade than most legumes especially during the seedling stage. This is one of the best clovers for tolerating soils with low pH (< 5.5 pH). Medium red clover is an excellent nitrogen fixer; contributes between 30 to 100 pounds of soil nitrogen for the follow-on crop. This cover crop is excellent for building soil structure with deep roots that break up soil compaction and helps to suppress weeds. In addition to improving soil, crimson clover makes excellent hay and the flowers attract beneficial insects.


  • Tolerates very acidic (<5.5 pH) soil.
  • Grows in poorly drained and low fertility soils.
  • Will help to stabilize and cool soils.
  • Excellent for weed suppression.

Germination Temp.………37° to 77°F ambient

Days to Maturity..…………200+ Days. Seed in fall.


Usage Rate:

  • Seed at ½ lb. per 1000 square feet
  • Seed at 7 – 20 lbs per acre.
  • Seed at 5 – 8 when combined with grasses.

Recommended Inoculant: Use Alfalfa/Clover Inoculant

Suggested Use: Plant alone or frost seed with winter wheat once the wheat has greened up.


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