Jerry Oats

Avena sativa

Organically Grown. Early Heading Oat
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Avena sativa, also known as Jerry Oats, is a medium-tall, early heading variety of oat. High yielding at 100 bushels per acre, it has 13.3% protein in research trials. Can be planted as a grain in early spring or as a nurse crop when seeding clovers in late summer or early fall. Jerry oats remain green into November.


  • Vegetation mats and holds soil building a mulched bed for spring planting.
  • Nurse crop for clovers and alfalfa.
  • Can be used for grain or forage.
  • Adapts well to wet soils.
Germination Temp…………59° to 73°F ambient


Usage Rate:

  • Seed at 3 – 4 lbs per 1,000 square ft.
  • Seed at 120 – 160 lbs per acre.

Suggested Use:

Plant alone or in combination with red clover or alfalfa in spring. Plant with winter wheat in fall.


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