Territorial Seeds – Cosmos

USDA Certified Organic and Demeter Certified Biodynamic. This Sun-Loving Bloom Adds Beauty To Any Garden.
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Also known as the Garden Cosmos or Mexican Aster, this native of Mexico is extremely tolerant of heat and drought. In fact, it thrives in poor soil and full sun. This seed blend will produce single flowers with a daisy shape and fern-like leaves on plants that can grow to 40" tall. You can expect an impressive and abundant show of pink, white and fuchsia blooms throughout the summer until the frost arrives. Birds, bees and butterflies are often drawn to these beauteous blooms.

  • Soil Temp. for Germination:………60-85°F
  • Days to Germination:……… :………5-10
  • Days to Maturity:……… :………75-90
  • Difficulty:……… :………Easy
Use Instructions:

Sowing Indoors –
  • Start seeds in pots or flats 4-6 weeks prior to your average last frost date.
  • Cover seed lightly.
  • Sowing indoors too early can cause leggy plants, which are prone to disease.
Sowing Outdoors –
  • Direct sow in the spring when the soil temperature reaches at least 60°F.
Growing Tips:
Cosmos are popular for color in borders and backgrounds, as well as fillers between landscape plants. In general, Cosmos reseed themselves very readily and are an easy flower to grow.

Fertilization Tips:
Cosmos perform well in lighter, less fertile soil and can tolerate alkaline soils very well. Apply a well-balanced fertilizer at a reduced rate for optimum flower production.

Harvesting Tips:
For use in fresh arrangements, cut the flowers when freshly opened and place them in cold water immediately. Bloom times range from summer to fall.

1 gram of seed.

Certifications: USDA Certified Organic and Demeter Biodynamic Certified


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