Compost Wizard Starter Kit

Starting Composting for the First Time? This Kit has Everything You Need!
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The compost tumbler in the Compost Wizard Starting Kit comes fully assembled and sits on a wheeled base supplying you with what you need to start your composting bin successfully.

The Compost Wizard Starter Kit includes:

  • Compost Wizard Jr. Bin.
  • Compost Wizard Jr. Base.
  • Half-gallon Kitchen Caddy stainless steel pail.
  • 2 1.43 lb compost fiber bricks.
  • 2 packs of Compost Boost compost accelerator.
  • Instructions printed in three languages.

The stainless steel kitchen caddy comes with a replaceable charcoal filter to keep odors down and is a great way to gather kitchen scraps before transporting them to the compost bin. The compost fiber, made from coconut husks, gives your compost bin an absorptive body locking in moisture, oxygen and enzymes, while the Compost Boost compost accelerator provides a high concentration of enzymes that speed up the composting process. Altogether, the Compost Wizard Starting Kit provides you with everything you need to set up a successful composting bin.


  • 30" x 22" x 24"
  • 7 cubic foot capacity
  • 12" twist off lid


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