KIS Compost Tea Brewing Kit - 5 Brews Yields 5 Gallons per Brew

Comes with enough food packets and compost for 5 complete compost tea brews using the KIS System.
  • KIS Compost Tea Brewing Kit - 5 Brews Yields 5 Gallons per Brew
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The KIS Compost Tea Brewing Kit comes with enough food packets and compost for 5 complete brews. The manufacturer has done extensive testing and research to design these food kits. A high number of beneficial microorganisms are the result in every brew.

The compost is a mixture of two types – vermicompost and fungal compost. Each food packet contains the "food" that makes the microorganisms grow as you brew. The idea is that compost (full of beneficial microorganisms) is put into water and then nutrients or foods for the microorganisms are added to allow the bacteria and fungi to multiply rapidly. Air is sent through the water to keep the water oxygenated, which keeps pathogens from growing and helps the "good" bacteria and fungi to grow.  At the end of the brewing cycle, what you have is a concentrated liquid full of billions of microorganisms (bacteria, fungi, protozoa, and nematodes) that can then be sprayed directly onto the leaf surface. This puts the "good" biology where the plant needs it to protect itself. It keeps the plant healthier and helps it to fight off potential diseases. The "good" biology occupies the infection sites on the leaf surface and is held there by simple sugars that the plant puts out. These sugars work as a glue to keep the beneficial microorganisms thriving and protecting the plant.

Usage rates:

• For foliar disease prevention, spray the plants just before signs of onset of disease. Then spray every 10 days to 2 weeks for about a month. You should monitor what you are seeing on your plants to determine if further spray is needed.

• For soil application, two times a year, spring and fall.

• For promoting growth, spray once a month during the growing season. 

Frequency and scheduling of applications will vary depending on individual environmental conditions. You cannot over-apply compost tea.

Use within 4-6 hours of brewing.

Application: Use a sprinkler can for applying to the soil, a backpack sprayer or a sprayer that has a nozzle that will not clog to do a foliar spray. A straight flow nozzle will not clog. Usually, a backpack sprayer has a straight flow nozzle. Use a hose end sprayer only if there is NO chlorine in the water; chlorine will kill the microbes. 

Compost Tea Analysis,

Compost Foodweb Analysis (Kiss Vermi),

Compost Foodweb Analysis (Fungal compost)

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