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Compost Crank®

This compost crank works in compost bins and other tight spaces - you won't believe how easy it is to use!
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Save your back with the Compost Crank! Turn and aerate compost without hurting yourself!

The Compost Crank is an easy-to-use compost aerator made of 3/8" diameter solid stainless steel with a free-spinning handle. The ergonomic rotating handle is made from 100% recycled pre-consumer black nylon that is naturally UV resistant. The Compost Crank easily penetrates densely packed or rough material in your compost. For smaller compost piles, the Compost Crank Twist may be more suitable.

Dimensions: 45" long, 2 pounds total weight

Measurements will vary slightly because it is handmade. Convenient lubrication holes are located in the center of each handle to keep it free-spinning.


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