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Coco Coir

A renewable and sustainable alternative to peat moss and other soil media amendments.
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Coconut Coir is a sustainable and renewable alternative to peat moss. Use coconut coir anytime you would otherwise use peat moss. The fibers used in coconut coir are found between the internal hard shell and the outer coat of the coconut. The microscopic coconut husk fibers resemble hollow straws meaning they can absorb and hold about 8 times their weight in water. Air circulates in the space between the fibers so that the coir remains light and does not become soggy when wet.

Benefits of Using Coconut Coir:

  • Coconut coir is free of bacterial and fungal spores so it will not introduce diseases into the garden or greenhouse.
  • Coir is easy to hydrate and retains moisture in quick draining soil. Coir increases drainage in heavily compacted or clay soils.
  • Coir has a pH of 5.6-6.8. This pH range allows plant roots to easily absorb nutrients, will not skew pH in customized soil mixtures and limits amendment usage for pH adjustment. It also allows coir to be used with a wider variety of plants than peat moss.
  • Coir improves the overall quality of soil by slowly adding organic matter. With repeated applications, soil will become more friable and loose. This allows roots to grow more freely and nutrients/water to be absorbed more readily.

Recommended Uses For Coconut Coir:

  • Combine with perlite and vermiculite to create an excellent seed starting or root cutting mix.
  • Combine with perlite, vermiculite and compost to create a great potting soil for your container plantings and raised bed gardens.
  • Use as the bedding for the Worm Factory or any other vermi-composting bins.
  • Add to sandy soil to increase moisture retention.
  • Substrate for arachnid and reptile terrariums.


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