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BioCare® Clothes Moth Trap

Uses a natural pheromone lure to attract and trap clothes moths.
  • 2 Traps
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  • $8.35
  • 3 Pk - 2 Traps per Pk
    SKU: 1260703
  • $23.25
  • 6 Pk - 2 Traps per Pk
    SKU: 1260704
  • $42.00
  • 12 Pk - 2 Traps per Pk
    SKU: 1260705
  • $81.00
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The BioCare Clothes Moth Trap attracts and captures adult male clothes moths using the pheromone that female moths use for attraction. Using these traps will help you monitor for infestations and reduce the reproduction of the clothes moths. If moths are found in the trap, take immediate measures to control the larvae. The traps will not destroy the damaging larvae. Search out damaged fabrics and destroy, dry clean or freeze them (in a deep freeze for at least 14 days). Use Diatomaceous Earth to control larva.

  • Use at least 2 traps per closet or area, but not more than 4.
  • Replace traps every 3 months or when full.


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