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Do You Worry About Bed Bugs? This Device Can Help.
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If you wonder and worry about bed bugs where you sleep, this monitoring device will give you answers. ClimbUp is a tough, reusable, plastic double well cup that is placed under the legs of beds (or other furniture that you rest or sleep on). Any bugs entering or leaving the bed will be intercepted by this simple barrier. The fiber-coated exterior allows the bug to climb with ease to the top of the trap. Once at the top, however, they will encounter the talc-coated interior; which creates a surface too slippery for them to climb out. Because ClimbUp contains no chemicals or insecticides, it will not outright kill the insects. Although they will eventually dehydrate and die in the trap, it is important to view ClimbUp as monitoring device and not an insect control measure. For active infestations, use traps as part of a comprehensive program directed by a pest management professional. Great for use in college dorms, hospitals, schools, camps or hotels.

Diameter: 6"
Center Well Diameter: 3 3/4"
Height: 1"


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