CitraSolv® - 8 oz

Dissolves oil, grease, tar, gums, waxes and resins with the power of citrus oil.
  • CitraSolv® - 8 oz
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CitraSolv is a versatile, natural and bio-degradable citrus-based solvent for dissolving different types of oil, grease, tar, gums, waxes and resins. Mainly used as a general purpose cleaner and degreaser, CitraSolv is also suitable as a deodorizer to remove strong odors and as a stain remover. CitraSolv can be used to clean surfaces such as linoleum, wood, tile and stone with hard to remove stains and residues. It is perfect for removing Tangle-Trap from Apple Maggot Traps and all sticky trap residues.

Concentrated: Makes 12 gallons of mixed cleaning solution.


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