Territorial Seeds - Califonia Wonder 300 Pepper

These Organic Bell Peppers Have The Perfect Shape For Stuffing!
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  • Territorial Seeds - Califonia Wonder 300 Pepper
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These plants produce lots of sweet bell peppers on plants that are upright and approximately 28" high. The glossy, blocky fruits are medium-sized (about 4" x 4") and typically 4-lobed with nice, thick walls. The leafy plant habit of these peppers protects the fruit from scald as it matures and changes color from green to red. An obvious choice for stuffed peppers, you can't go wrong using this in anything that calls for bell pepper. Many people consider this the standard in sweet peppers due to its impressive yields, size and quality of fruit, versatility and excellent flavor. Certified Organic.

Soil Temp. for Germination: 70-90°F

Days to Maturity: 65


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