BONIDE® Compost Maker

Bonide Compost Maker stabilizes nutrients and humus to help build better compost
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Made with a blend of ocean kelp, alfalfa and fish meals, Bonide Garden Rich Compost Maker is a non-corrosive and non-volatile compost supplement that stimulates beneficial microorganisms that break down organic matter. The blend of ingredients in Garden Rich Compost Maker energize composts, accelerate microbial digestion and stabilize nutrients and humus. The accelerated breakdown of organic matter reduces unwanted odors and helps keep composts in balance. This quickened decomposition is the result of the organisms' digestion, which also works to produce stable nutrients and humus and to reduce odors. Bonide Garden Rich Compost Maker can be added dry or sprayed mixed with water onto kitchen scraps, garbage, manure, leaves, vegetables and other organic waste.


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