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BONIDE® Chipmunk, Squirrel & Rodent Repellent

  • BONIDE® Chipmunk, Squirrel & Rodent Repellent
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The combination of botanical oils in this liquid repellent (Cedarwood, Castor, Clove and Peppermint) may seem benign and even pleasantly fragrant to us, but for chipmunks, squirrels and rodents it is anything but. They find this powerful blend unpleasant to smell and irritating to their nasal passages. This effect is enough to trigger their natural instinct to escape without causing any harm to the animal. This biodegradable spray is not harmful to pets, plants or people, either.

Please Note: This product is an animal behavior modification tool. It may need to be supplemented with other behavior modification techniques to break animals of existing bad habits.


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