Bobbex-R™ Animal Repellent

Whether They Walk On The Ground Or Crawl In It, This Will Spray Keep Those Critters Away.
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This earth-friendly spray uses an ingenious blend of ingredients, including active proteins, to repel animals through smell and taste aversion. You can spray Bobbex-R directly on your plants or you can discourage animal re-entry by spraying around openings in fences or at the entrance to any burrows/holes you find. To keep critters in the soil away from your bulbs, dip them in this repellent before planting.

Benefits of Bobbex-R:

  • This long-lasting formula will not burn plants and can be used year-round.
  • Dries clear and water-insoluble - can last through several heavy rains.
  • Provides a coating to help the plant retain moisture and stand up to harsh weather conditions.
  • Can be used on flowers, ornamentals and other sensitive vegetation.
This spray is repugnant to animals, but will not harm them. It is safe (when used as directed) for all wildlife, humans, pets, birds and aquatic creatures.

Suggested Uses: Use to protect plants from rabbits, squirrels, groundhogs, voles, deer, chipmunk, elk, moose and other herbivores.

Application Frequency:

  • Spring & Summer - Apply every 10-14 days, or after 2" of growth.
  • Fall & Winter - Apply every 4-8 weeks.


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