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Thrips are unable to resist the primal responses that the blue tone of this trap triggers in them. They are drawn in by instinct and trapped while other insects find the blue less appealing. This makes the Blue Sticky Traps a great choice if you want to avoid trapping beneficial insects or if you are interested in solely monitoring thrips. Whether you are using these traps for pest suppression or for monitoring, place them just above the crop canopy (particularly around new growth). The best time to use them is early in the season before the pest population has a chance to grow out of control. Blue Sticky Strips are coated with a special no mess adhesive that makes them less of a hassle to handle. Traps should be replaced after 6 weeks of use or when the majority of the surface is covered. If using outdoors, dust and other detritus may stick to the trap; check on them regularly and replace as needed. Complete instructions included. Size is approximately 4" x 9½".

This Product Controls These Pests or Diseases: Male and female Western Flower Thrips (Frankiniella occidentalis) as well as other species of Frankiniella.


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