NS/S Tepary Bean Seeds - Blue Speckled

Phaseolus acutifolius

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  • NS/S Tepary Bean Seeds - Blue Speckled
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For thousands of years, Native Americans have cultivated these quick-maturing, drought and heat-tolerant plants. In fact, while this particular seed comes from the highlands of southern Mexico and is of Mayan descent; it is believed that the word "tepary" itself is derived from the Tohono O'odham phrase "t'pawi", or "It's a bean". Because it does originate in higher elevations, this bean does not tolerate the low desert heat. Plants are thin-stemmed and will grow into sprawling bushes with some runners and little lilac colored flowers. Pods will be produced in profusion and contain small tan beans with navy blue speckles. Pods should be harvested as they dry; if left too long on the plant they will pop open and disperse their seeds. Alternatively, you can harvest the whole plant when pods are turning brown, allow them to dry on a sheet, then thresh and winnow seeds. This plant is a self-pollinating annual.

Each package contains approximately 50 seeds/7 g.

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