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Sticky Trap Ribbon - Blue

Thrips & Leafminers Love This Pretty Shade Of Blue! Color Attractant For Monitoring Pests In Greenhouses.
  • 100' x 6"
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  • 100' L x 6" W - Case of 20
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Monitor, Trap & Control Thrips & Leafminers Before Infestations Start!

Ideal for use monitoring thrips in greenhouses, this weather-resistant blue ribbon measures 100'L x 6.25"W and is made of durable 3-mil plastic. It is coated with a strong adhesive on both sides to catch pests coming or going. Blue Sticky Ribbon Traps will last for up to 6 weeks once placed.

Thrips and leafminers are instinctively drawn to the color of this ribbon. To control and monitor aphids or whiteflies, consider using yellow sticky traps along with blue traps. While sticky traps can capture beneficial insects, that should be minimal and can actually serve as a tool to monitor those insects' dispersal throughout the treated crop.

Effective trapping with ribbon traps allows you to use fewer insecticides for a cleaner and more environmentally friendly grow.

This Product Controls These Pests or Diseases: Leafminers and Thrips (Thysanoptera)


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