Bloom Booze, 1-8-1

For Beautiful Blooms, Serve This Fertilizer Cocktail At Last Call
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A Bloom Boosting Cocktail To Maximize Yields

This fertilizer blend has been painstakingly developed by Spiked Soil™ to give your plants what they need to produce bulkier, more abundant blossoms, buds and fruit. Bloom Booze provides everything your plant needs during the crucial flowering phase. The addition of mycorrhizae ensures plant's roots remain healthy and thriving to support the work and energy needs of the flowering growth stage.

Bloom Booze premium fertilizer has been formulated for indoor or outdoor use. It is derived from bat guano, neem seed meal, kelp meal (Ascophyllum nodosum), molasses, magnesium sulfate, volcanic ash, azomite and mycorrhizae. Each of these high quality ingredients provides unique benefits to plants and/or soil. When combined, they create an all in one fertilizer blend to maximize yields.

Benefits of Bloom Booze:

  • Improved soil aeration.
  • Robust root development.
  • Beneficial bacteria production.
  • Increased moisture and water retention.
  • Boosted immune systems to better fight insects, drought and frosts.
  • High levels of minerals, enzymes, vitamins, gibberellins*, cytokines** and auxin***.

Bloom Booze is the third step in Spiked Soil's three-step growing regime: Dirt Martini, Another Round, Bloom Booze. The combination of these provides growers high quality soil and ample nutrients to nurture plants from propagation, through the vegetative stage and into flowering.

* Gibberellins are plant hormones that stimulate stem elongation, germination and flowering.
** Cytokines are a class of plant growth substances known as phytohormones. The promote cell division in plant roots and shoots. They primarily promote cell growth and division but also effect bud growth and leaf senescence.
*** Auxins are essential for plant body development and help coordinate many of the growth and behavioral processes in the plant life cycle.


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