Bite Free™ Stable Fly Trap

Rid Yourself Of Stable Flies And Help Your Horse To Stop The Stomping.
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Stable flies are arguably the worst flying pests to have around your home and animals. They feed on blood and will attack most mammals, including horses, sheep, cattle, goats, swine, dogs, cats and even people. They are relentless in their search for their next meal, inflicting painful bites on ears, legs and flanks. This persistent leg-biting will cause an animal to stomp, shake and twitch. This type of behavior can be detrimental to an animal's health, leading to poor weight gain and other issues. All in all, animals are just miserable when plagued by stable flies.

It's the Bite Free Stable Fly Trap's design that makes this trap so effective. As sun shines through the translucent surface, its shimmer draws in the stable flies. They then become stuck in its strong adhesive. Simply dispose of the trap when it becomes full.

  • This trap is specifically designed to work against stable flies; it is not effective against house or other types of flies.
  • Traps over 8,000 stable flies.
  • For best results, place in highly visible, sunlit areas outside of livestock feeding and holding areas. 360° of effective trapping surface for maximum effectiveness.
  • Contains no insecticides or smelly attractants.
  • Easy to use and durable enough to stand up to weather. Adhesive will stay on the trap and won't dry out or melt.
Although every effort should be made to avoid it, sometimes a person or animal may come in contact with the adhesive. If it gets on skin or clothing, the adhesive can be removed with waterless hand cleaner. After removal, wash the area with mild soap and water. If it gets on an animal's fur, rub area well with salad oil, baby oil or mineral oil to completely dissolve adhesive. Follow up by washing with a mild soap or shampoo and rinse well. Repeat if necessary.


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