BONIDE® Auto Mix Hose End Sprayer

No Mixing Or Measuring - Just A Few Quick Steps To Get You Spraying.
  • BONIDE® Auto Mix Hose End Sprayer
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Save Time & Energy With This Auto Mixing Sprayer

This easy-to-use hose end sprayer automatically mixes the correct amount of product for a flawless liquid application with no fuss. Product is poured directly into the jar and then sprayed. It has 12 settings from 1 tsp. to 6 gals. and 3 spray patterns - stream (ideal for hard to reach areas and trees), flat fan (for wide surfaces like lawns) and shower (nice and gentle for delicate flowers and foliage).

Key Features:

  • Ergonomic handle with a simple on/off thumb switch.
  • Wide-mouth jar has a sturdy base for easy filling and fewer spills.
  • Six-Gallon Spray Setting – Comes equipped with a special six-gallon spray setting. This setting is very useful for products with odd mixture rates and for products that need to be diluted with water before they are sprayed like soluble fertilizers, thick liquids, wettable powder fungicides and fish emulsions.
  • Made in America of tough, chemical resistant and leak-proof plastic.
  • Jar can hold up to 1 quart (32 oz.) of product.
Suggested Uses: Use with a garden hose to apply insecticide, fungicide, herbicide and fertilizer concentrates.

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