BioCare® Apple Maggot Trap & Lures

Trap the Fruit Flies That Lay Their Eggs In Your Fruit!
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The BioCare Apple Maggot Trap is designed to trap the adult fruit flies of the damaging apple maggot larvae with a pheromone lure attached to a sticky trap. These fruit flies commonly attack apples, blueberries, hawthorn, pears, plums, and cherries by laying their eggs in the fruit during late spring to early summer, which then mature into the apple maggots. Traps should be placed early in the growing season either before budding occurs or shortly thereafter. Lures last about 20 weeks (roughly one season).

The adult flies have identifiable black stripes on their wings and are slightly smaller in size than common houseflies. Scout for small damage spots on the skin of fruit when monitoring for the presence of apple maggots. Remove sticky coating once traps are covered in pests using a mild solvent like CitraSolv. Stiky Stuff and Tangle-Trap can be applied to the trap for continued use.


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