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Everything you need to control ants!
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This kit contains everything you need to control ants - inside & outside your home, in the garden, coops or barn. The Ant Control Kit includes 1 each of the following products:

  • Orange Guard® in a 32 oz. spray bottle. Contains citrus oil for use as a contact insecticide and repellent.
  • Safer Brand Ant & Roach Killer, in a 14 oz. aerosol spray is a contact insecticide for a wide variety of insects. Use indoor or out.
  • JT EatonTM Answer Boric Acid Insecticidal Dust in a RTU 16 oz Puffer. Convenient container for applying boric acid to cracks, crevices, around drains and pipes or dwelling to create a barrier for insects.
  • TERRO® Liquid Ant Baits lure ants to the bait and they carry the bait back to their nests where the active ingredient - boric acid eliminates the colony dwellers.


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