Andesite Mineral Complex™

Bring Volcanic Power To Your Soil With This Biodynamic Amendment!
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Re-Energize & Re-Mineralize Your Soil To Optimize Yields!

Since the dawn of time, volcanic eruptions and sedimentation have naturally re-mineralized the soils of the earth. With the end of rampant volcanic eruptions and the millions of years of life since then, these minerals have been significantly depleted – affecting the health of the soil and the plants that grow in it.

Andesite Mineral Complex returns the essential minerals and trace elements from volcanic rock dust to your soil in a slow, natural release. Its broad spectrum of mineral content improves plant production and nutrient/water uptake while reducing the effects of environmental stress factors (drought, pests, diseases, etc.) on plant health. Andesite helps guide your plants to optimal health, leaving you with a more "fruitful" and nutritious harvest.

Benefits of Andesite:

  • Meets USDA and National Organic Program (NOP) standards for certified organic production.
  • Assists Cation Exchange Capacity (CEC) in soils.
  • Helps balance soil pH levels.
  • Helps brix (sugar content) and nutrient levels in plants.
  • Encourages earthworm and beneficial microbial activity.
  • Can be applied at any time throughout the year or at any point in the growing cycle.
  • Works with other natural inputs.
  • Can be used with soil, inert growing media, hydroponics, aquaponics and in compost tea brews.
  • Its approximate mesh size averages 80-100 and will not interfere with most hydroponic/irrigation systems.
Naturally sourced with no chemical or synthetic additives, Andesite works well both indoors and outdoors in traditional or organic growing and production facilities. Andesite also has paramagnetic qualities; it has been certified to contain paramagnetic levels over 8,000+cgs. This paramagnetic pulse helps the soil find equilibrium while stimulating its microbial world to free up more nutrients for the plants to absorb. This results in rejuvinated soil that is vibrating with life.

Suggested Uses: Can be used in growing of all indoor and outdoor fruits, vegetables, flowers, trees, shrubs and lawns. Can also be used in compost (and to make a compost tea), in vermicomposting, aquaponics, hydroponics and in dairy and livestock production.

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