Terroir Seeds - True Lemon Cucumber

Cucumis sativus

Something A Little Different With A Great Crunch.
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  • Terroir Seeds - True Lemon Cucumber
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Once a popular market variety in Australia, by 1894 Samuel Wilson was selling these seeds in his catalog out of Pennsylvania. These plants love to climb and will need room to accommodate their abundant production of tennis-ball sized, round, plump fruits that are lemon-like in shape, size and color. They are somewhat slow to begin producing but, once they start, they will keep producing long after other crops have stopped.

Neither the flesh nor the skin is bitter, and it's very easy to digest, which makes it perfect for snacking right off the vine or sliced up in a salad. This cucumber makes an exceptional pickle due to its superb crispness. Harvest these fruits when small and just turning yellow for maximum crunchiness. An unusual cucumber that is easy to grow and to love.

Germination Temperature: 75 - 95° F and above.
Germination: 7 - 10 Days
Days to Maturity: 58 - 70 Days.
Difficulty: Easy

Each package contains approximately 35 seeds.

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