Terroir Seeds - Purple Top Globe Turnip

Brassica rapa

An Old-Time Southern Favorite Just For You.
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  • Terroir Seeds - Purple Top Globe Turnip
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No one really knows how long people have been enjoying turnips, but this variety was being enjoyed back in the 1880s. This plant is a great producer, with medium-green tops that will be 12-22" tall and uniform root globes about 2-6" in diameter. Turnips will be lovely, with purplish-red crowns above ground and creamy white skin below. The mild, white, fine-grained flesh of these turnips is at its best when picked small, but their sweet flavor will hold until they are quite large. The classic "Southern Greens" is made with the tender young leaves. If grown close together, you will get more of these greens than the turnips. You may notice that, with a little touch of frost, mature greens and fully developed roots acquire added sweetness.

Germination Temperature: As low as 40° F and up to 85° F
Germination: Usually within 4 - 7 Days
Days to Maturity: 45 - 65 Days.
Difficulty: Easy. These are biennials usually grown as annuals.

Each package contains approximately 200 seeds.

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